Mr. Bob’s Marketing Masterminds

Collaborative & Collective Local Small Business Marketing

Take control of your Marketing with your very own THINK TANK. Be a Master and collaborate with the best to help your market explode.

Learn how Marketing Masterminds can help you.

get listed

Get Listed...Get Found!

Imagine getting your company listed in a professional network for only $47?

marketing masterminds

Be a Master!

What if you have your very own "think tank" working for you, providing ideas?

business launch

Launching Packages

Do you have a new product or business that is ready to take off? Let us help you.

Why Choose Mr Bob’s Marketing Masterminds?

Mr. Bob (aka Bob Cassels) has been dedicated for over 40 years helping business. Bob lives and breathes Connecting and Promoting entrepreneurs, professional and small business owners. He has developed programs to help businesses get the Results and Referrals needed for success. From his Mr. Bob Directory to Marketing Masterminds, Bob’s goal is to help you succeed!

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