Who is Marketing Masterminds?

Mr. Bob (aka Bob Cassels) has been dedicated for over 40 years helping business. 

Bob lives and breathes Connecting and Promoting entrepreneurs, professional and small business owners. He has developed programs to help businesses get the Results and Referrals needed for success.  As the founder of Marketing Masterminds, Bob has collected a variety business experts to continue with his goal of helping local businesses.

Marketing Masterminds

  • Marketing Masterminds is a resource for entrepreneurs that are looking for:
  • Access to a team of experts sharing their expertise
  • Comfortable intimate format in a peer-to-peer style with rich conversation
  • Intimate and Cooperative and inclusive agenda that is a safe place to share and learn
  • Get invaluable and powerful insights, perspectives, ideas from the collective attending members
  • Attending members gain insights by participating and capturing ideas for their businesses

Membership Privileges:

  • Privilege to present your challenges at our ‘Think Tank’ meetings
  • Attend all marketing masterminds meetings, your level of participation is your choice
  • Get your own membership page to feature your business on www.marketingmasterminds.ca
  • Link back to your Webpage, videos and blogs
  • Promote your Events, Post Blogs and gain exposure through our Social Media system
  • Write and receive testimonials that establishes credibility
  • Collectively members get high social media rankings on Google with our collaborative efforts
Execution is everything and it is proven; success never happens alone.
Marketing Master minds is like having your own Think Tank of experienced professionals.

We are exploring other locations and times. Would you like to host an event? Contact Mr. Bob and learn more.

Questions? Call Mr. Bob 705-721-0727 to learn more.
Or e-mail: marketinginbarrie@gmail.com

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