Content Marketing: 7 Key Elements to Writing a Guest Blog Post


A blog post can help a number of elements in your business marketing, from branding, connecting and add that extra SEO value for your website rankings.  Content marketing is a strong element in a number of local small businesses looking to establish a competitive advantage.  By following the 7 key elements to writing a blog post,  you can take the first step on your first blog posts.

1. Effective Blog Title

You blog post needs an effective title that will stop your idea reader to take notice.  There is a lot of buzz around “keywords” in your title too.  My best suggestion is a title that is focused first on client needs to engage and read.  Second, a possible search phrases clients may search in google search.

2. Adding an Image

Consider using a good image that helps gain the attention by your reader.  Images are generally noticed before any title and offer a first impression.  Also when your post is shared socially images in the post can be utilized and shown in the social channel.

3. Write to your Client

When writing a post I would suggest writing to your ideal reader / client.  Third party can look fishy, however consistency is important.  When I read a post if it switches from first person to third person I find it very confusing.

4. Engaging Introductory Paragraph

When your blog post is shared, or shown in a list of other blog posts there is a short description, also know as “snippet”. This can be also the first paragraph in your post.  This paragraph should tell the reader what your post is about. The goal is to gain the interest to read your full post.

5. The Body: Telling Your Story

The body is consider the main content of your blog post.  Generally the second paragraph, following the first introductory paragraph.  I would suggest the body to include subheadings, bold  relevant text, and consider using bullets too.  Paragraphs should be short, 3-4 lines.  If the paragraphs are too large they may look bulky.

6. Conclusion Paragraph / Call to Action

The final paragraph is an overview of your point from your post.  I would suggest including your goal or call to action.  For example goals may include:

  1. Link to your products / services / website
  2. You contact details
  3. Invitation to share or comment

7. SEO Value

We all want search engines to rank our websites or even our blog posts into search for the added exposure of targeting the right customers. By utilizing third party websites, you can harness their traffic and exposure, as well create a “back-link” to your website. Back-links that come from relevant websites, and niche categories offer a strong “authoritative” link.  Search engines want quality back-links that offer unique and quality content. The higher your website authority the higher you may rank in search results.

Be a Guest Blogger in Marketing Masterminds

I hope this post will help you take the next step building an effective content marketing strategy, and write a blog post today. We invite you to write a blog post on Marketing Masterminds. We are looking for blog posts our visitors will find helpful and inspiring. We would ask no advertisements or sales posts. Posts that can help, inspire, offer motivation.

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About the author:  Shane Serra is a Digital Marketing Strategist, who helps local small businesses build websites and marketing strategies to attract clients with site, search and social marketing strategies.  Learn more today at

March 4, 2016 |
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