Small Changes-Big Impact Choosing Products With a Conscience



Small Changes-Big Impact    Choosing Products with a Conscience

When I first decided to turn my part-time cleaning job into a full-time business, I never imagined where it would lead.


After much research into the many harmful effects of most household cleaners on our homes, bodies and the environment, I made the choice to switch to using all natural  cleaning products.


I was happy to discover a Canadian company called Clean Conscience. They manufacture and distribute all natural, aromatherapy cleaners made from renewable and sustainable sources and ingredients that are purchased using fair trade practices. Their products are blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for their anti- microbial, anti-fungal and disinfectant properties as well as their other health benefits. They also smell naturally fantastic.


Like so many people,  I had been under the (wrong) impression that a natural cleaner couldn’t and wouldn’t clean as well as the ‘OTHER BRANDS’. I was admittedly surprised and immediately impressed with the quality and performance of these products. Going GREEN has never been easier.


Using Clean Conscience products gives me greater confidence in my ability to help create the essence of a healthy home.


The 7 piece Clean Conscience Starter Kit is an economical and convenient way to replace the toxic cleaners currently in the average household. For more information please contact Tammy or Colin at REAL Clean.


September 29, 2016 |
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