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Align yourself with professionals while planning your next meeting or conference. They will be one of your best resources.

Planning a live event can be a sizable undertaking, often done by a single or small group of people. Whether the event is large or small, they share one common trait; they are all important to their organizers. Help build on the success and impact of your live event by aligning yourself with professionals that become a part of your team.
The right AV team will help walk you through all the necessary AV decision-making, asking the right questions to reach one common goal. Your Success is our Success.

Here are a few things to consider. Understanding Your AV Options

By hiring a professional Audio-Visual company, you can also lessen your involvement with the technical aspects of your event leaving more time for other tasks.

Our professional team will ensure you have the proper Equipment and Support to cover your entire audience based on your event type. Let us do what we do best.

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Gotta Love Tutorials!!!


Gotta Love Tutorials!!!


For our D.I.Y. customers, you know who you are. We are striving to keep it simple, by providing a streamlined rental process with clearly identified products and parts.  We have taken the time to package our rentals with a user-friendly mandate.  We have gone one step further to assist our clients by adding packaged pricing and suggested equipment add-on’s (depending on audience size) on our website.  ( Note: Our Packages reflect popular AV rentals.


At Multi Tech Audio Visual Inc. our tag line is “AV Made Simple”.  With that being said, we are striving to take the mystery & fear out of the technical side of AV equipment.  It is a fact that an Audio-Visual and Lighting element added to any live event can increase the impact, pleasure, and effectiveness.  We would like to see our equipment rentals be so straightforward that virtually anyone could have access and utilize the equipment with success.  Call and reserve your rental for pick-up and it will be packed, ready and waiting for you. Want a team of experts take care of it all?  We do that too!


Along with our instruction booklet and diagrams, you will be able to reference our Step-by-Step TUTORIAL videos found on our YouTube Channel.  Our mission is to be helpful.  Along with the general set-up instructions, we also provide you with the insight on how to get the most out of your rental. At Multi Tech Audio Visual Inc., you can rent with confidence. You will be able to set-up your rental with ease with the help of visuals and printed resources available. MTAV’s Tutorials


We at MTAV are committed to working towards educating our clients on best practices, audio techniques, and speaker tips, to name a few.  If this topic helps you in your business or past-time, then please stay tuned to our YouTube Channel.

Microphone Techniques: See Video

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“AV Made Simple”


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