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bestWhat is Mr. Bob’s ‘Best of the Best” Mastery Designation.

The value of a Mr. Bob’s ‘Best of the Best’ Mastery Designation is identification of talented and experienced business owners.  The Mastery Designation focus is to business owners avoid costly mistakes, improve their marketing message and be seen as business leaders in their community. It is about using your skills to help another business to achieve the extraordinary. It’s about your special talents, to tell your story that inspires and results in a form of success.

The ‘Best of the Best’ Master Designation is about sharing experience and knowledge on how to get customers line-up at your door. Have you ever wondered why one business has a lineup of customers at their door? The Masters help you figure that out.

How do you earn Mr. Bob’s ‘Best of the Best’ designation?

To be eligible you must be a member of marketing masterminds, submit the following:

  • Be an active member of Marketing Masterminds in good standing
  • Have a winning formula and/or success story
  • Have an innovative idea or concept that works
  • Be passionate about Passion to sharing knowledge
  • Show clearly achieved results

Contact Mr. Bob for more details.

Why earn the designation?

Once “awarded” the “Best of the Best” Master designation, you will gain added exposure to our subscribers and members at meetings, be featured in the ‘Best of the Best’ newsletter, across our social channels and on the Marketing website, www.

Get Qualified…Apply today for as low as $77.

For those marketing masterminds members interested in being awarded the honour of this designation, as low as $77,  if you are a member of Marketing Masterminds.

Best of the Best – Non-Marketing Mastermind Member
ONLY $174

Register today for FREE!  Once registered add your business listing.

Best of the Best UPGRADE – Mastermind Members
ONLY $77


Questions? Contact Mr. Bob 705-721-0727

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