Miss Canada Zoom Boat


Press Release fro Jeff Mitchell re: Miss Canada Zoom Boat see attached

Check out this great release from Jeff Mitchell on Miss Canada V craft. Spread the word.

Looks like we are even picking up some press on the west coast.

Thought you might be interested to see the article that was just released by
Post Media in their top rated auto site; as well in the Vancouver Sun (see
Just got to work, mentoring entrepreneurs on how to get more referrals:

it was an honour and a privilege to show our boat at this year’s Cobble
Beach Concours D ’Elegance.  I have
attended all four Cobble Beach events.
We actually almost didn’t make it to the show. We had numerous trailer
issues, to the point where, I had actually called and advised the ACBS crew
that Miss Canada V would not be able to attend. But in the end we
persevered, we eventually pulled the rudder off the boat, and arrived at
Cobble Beach at 6 PM on Saturday.
They say “ there is no one with endurance than the one that sells insurance”

It was actually Alan McEwan, a long standing judge at Pebble Beach Concours
d’Elegance that introduced the concept of “Keels and Wheels” to me at the
North American ACBS show in Gravenhurst in 2009. And how at the Kirkland
Concours, they had included vintage boats in their program, very
successfully. So it was wonderful when Rob McLesse extended the opportunity
last year with Clancy Goodfellow and John Kutcy of the Antique and Classic
Boat Society to introduce vintage boats to Cobble Beach. And It turns out
that Rob McLesse of Cobble Beach, was across the hall from myself at Western
in the early seventies

There was gentleman there, by the name of Steve Plunkett, who has been a
significant part of all four Cobble Beach Concours D’ Elegance. A great guy
and very humble. Steve was the person that approached me eight years ago
about the possibility of bringing Miss Canada IV to his Fleetwood Country
Cruise–In in London. It was that phone call that put the wheels of motion
into play; and which ultimately lead to the making of the “Harold and Lorna
World Water Speed Champions” movie; and the involvement of Bobby Genovese in
the restoration of MCIV.

Always a small world !! And now I have been approached by Alyn Edwards, of
Peak Communicators Ltd., Vancouver to do an additional feature on the whole
Miss Canada story.
Here is the link to his article which was just released.

–       Miss Canada V with sedan top – that is myself at the stern of the
boat in the mid-fifties – notice any adults in the photo or even a life
jacket?   Clearly a different era !
–       Miss Canada V at Cobble – including Alyn Edwards and myself us in
–       Sign board on some of Miss Canada’s past

It was Jim Kenzie, that told me in 2013, that Cobble Beach Concours
D’Elegance was going to be a world class event. And boy was he right !!
Jim always told me he was an auto journalist; but he convinced himself that
he could do a boat story because it had a steering wheel and a motor !!



Jeff C. Mitchell, B.A. (Econ), CAIB
Honorary Member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario Registered
Insurance Broker


J.C. Mitchell Financial Services Inc.
431 Bayview Drive, Suite 1,
Barrie,ONT, L4N 8Y2
T (705)721-7806 ext 225 / 1 866 721 7781 F (705)721-1556 / 1 877 721 1556 C

November 23, 2016 |

Take money from your business and pay less tax

No Bull

Often business owners are challenged to move money tax effectively from their businesses. They also want to reduce their corporate exposure to creditors.

By employing strategies that offer potential protection and tax efficiency, we can build a business development plan to help secure your financial future.

Building assets outside your business can:

  • Transfer wealth tax efficiently
  • Provide easier access to your money
  • Provide protection from potential loss

Blah, blah, blah.  What a bunch of hooey.

I read this stuff every day from different people and you know what?  Every person out there who calls themselves an ‘advisor’ can spew this garbage out of there mouth.  We all have access to this sort of product.  But are they just selling something to you, never to be heard from again?

When you are looking for an ‘advisor’, would you like someone who doesn’t disappear after the sale?  Someone who is in it for the long run?  Someone who has actually been in the trenches of self-employment for close to 30 years and actually knows what you are going through?  And, someone who can create a strategy and help you stick with it, one that is workable from start to finish?

Maybe it’s time to talk to me, Trevor, at Wright & Associates Financial Services.

We don’t hold anything back, we know what you are going through, we will help you, and you never have to worry about being sold.

Many years of small business experience gives us the knowledge and experience to help you.  No Bull.  No blah, blah, blah.

September 29, 2016 |

Small Changes-Big Impact Choosing Products With a Conscience



Small Changes-Big Impact    Choosing Products with a Conscience

When I first decided to turn my part-time cleaning job into a full-time business, I never imagined where it would lead.


After much research into the many harmful effects of most household cleaners on our homes, bodies and the environment, I made the choice to switch to using all natural  cleaning products.


I was happy to discover a Canadian company called Clean Conscience. They manufacture and distribute all natural, aromatherapy cleaners made from renewable and sustainable sources and ingredients that are purchased using fair trade practices. Their products are blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for their anti- microbial, anti-fungal and disinfectant properties as well as their other health benefits. They also smell naturally fantastic.


Like so many people,  I had been under the (wrong) impression that a natural cleaner couldn’t and wouldn’t clean as well as the ‘OTHER BRANDS’. I was admittedly surprised and immediately impressed with the quality and performance of these products. Going GREEN has never been easier.


Using Clean Conscience products gives me greater confidence in my ability to help create the essence of a healthy home.


The 7 piece Clean Conscience Starter Kit is an economical and convenient way to replace the toxic cleaners currently in the average household. For more information please contact Tammy or Colin at REAL Clean.


September 29, 2016 |

Mobile computer service, we come to you!


Glen Tupling from Nerds On Site, brings to his clients 18 yrs of experience in the IT field and the combined experience of 1,000 nerds worldwide. We pride ourselves in quality and speed of our technology services. We have technology issues we solve them!  Mobile service, we come to you!

  • got a virus? cloud-based antivirus software
  • lost some important data? cloud-based encrypted, automatic backups
  • frustrated with slow internet or pop-ups? cloud-based firewall, filtering service.
  • project based pricing–no hourly rate!

Glen Tupling  705-717-9985,


September 20, 2016 |

3 Ways to Embrace Summers End! Even when you want to stay in your flip-flops.


I live in Canada.

Our summers are short and not always consistently hot and sunny.

Our winters can be long, dark and cold.

This summer in Ontario was one for the record books. Hot, Dry and did I mention, hot?

Yesterday, on September 1st I had to go digging around to find a sweater to go for a walk for the first time since I can’t remember…May?

Change is in the air. Fall is approaching with winter at its heels.

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather or are you sitting in a corner clutching your flip -flops?

The seasons are always a good opportunity for us to notice how we deal with change; do we fight it or embrace it?

The fear of change (of any kind, even when they know it is for the better) is one obstacle that I find keeps my clients stuck and unable to achieve the happiness and success that they crave in their lives.

What I have found works well with them is to go through some gratitude exercises, yes I said gratitude. How can that possibly be of help?

Here are three reasons that you need to consider while you sit there clutching the past like a winter-hating, flip flop clutching, summer addict.


Gratitude is a FEELING. Our emotions and feelings are stored in a deeper place in our psyche. Whenever we notice anything in our lives that is GOOD and we stop and feel grateful, we store that feeling and can access it later when we need it. (i.e. The feeling of sand between our toes on a minus 40C day, or thinking of that hug your son gave you before he left for college as you sit in his room weeping.)


Gratitude can help you let go and move forward with more grace from both good and negative experiences:

  • HAPPY MEMORIES can be left behind with a fondness that they happened instead of regret that they are over.
  • UNPLEASANT MEMORIES can be neatly stored away with a sprinkle of gratitude for the lessons we learned from them. This helps us move through and beyond the struggles in life with less resentment, regret, or blame.


Gratitude helps you embrace whatever change is coming. When we really understand that gratitude can be found in any area of our lives, we develop confidence to move forward into change knowing we will discover it there as well.

The more gratitude we plug into our lives, the more we will find to be grateful for.

I love to share the tools I have developed to help you embed positivity into your life, take some time to peruse my website and social media.


September 19, 2016 |

Reclaim Your Health



Do you suffer from chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, hypertension, low energy, anxiety, skin problems, poor mental clarity?


There is a new product on the market – Dr. Formulated O2 Drops with activated stabilized oxygen and LTSM Minerals. People are experiencing relief from these and many other common issues affecting their lives by using this oxygen supplement.


After you watch this short video, you will want to try the oxygen for yourself. You can contact me at 905-886-7281 or email The fastest method is to purchase your product directly from my online store –


But, first, watch the video.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

ter Your Post content

August 31, 2016 |

Pop Quiz “I bought the diet book, but ate the usual foods.”


Pop Quiz

When’s the last time you did any of the following
“I bought the diet book, but ate the usual foods.”

“Planned to get up early but hit the snooze.”
“Took the course… but I didn’t do the exercises in writing.”

True confession. I struggle with as many of these things as the next person. Learning about something almost never causes change. True transformation comes from action, not thought. Change comes from new habits, from acting before you learn, acting in order to learn, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of being willing to fail.

Today’s exercise – pick one new habit you are committed to creating and act on it now. Not in 5 minutes. Now.
To your success,

Teresa de Grosbois
Wildfire Workshops Inc
(403) 217-1782

August 25, 2016 |

Self Managed or Professionally Managed?


I know many people who have invested in real estate.  They love the idea of buying a bricks and mortar investment.  They enjoy getting a phone call at 4:00 in the morning because the heat isn’t working.  They relish the times that they have to advertise to find new tenants because the current ones have left without notice.  They really like spending three days cleaning the place after the tenant gets thrown in jail (for a long time) and owes two months of back rent.  While all of this is happening, they happily pay their mortgage, their property taxes and Mark down the street to cut the grass and shovel the snow.

Is there an alternative?

You’re right.  I wouldn’t be writing this if there wasn’t.

Being a landlord isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In fact, it may crack you up.  There are worry-free alternatives to being a landlord where you don’t have all the headaches attached to it.

As you may know, real estate isn’t (generally) a short-term investment.  There are people out there that buy and ‘flip’ real estate, however after watching some of those shows on HGTV it is pretty easy to see that it really isn’t all that easy.

If you had access to a fund that has over $4.3 Billion dollars invested into 108 physical properties, manages commercial properties, residential suites, industrial and retail sites that are distributed across the country, would you be interested in learning more?  If this same fund guaranteed your principal is you stayed invested for 15 years or more, would you be interested in learning more?

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation portfolio review and to learn more about the Canada Life Real Estate Fund.  It will be thirty minutes you may never get back, but it will be worth it.



*The opinions expressed are those of the authors, are for informational purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Sterling Mutuals Inc. Mutual Funds provided through Sterling Mutuals Inc. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the simplified prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Insurance products provided by Wright & Associates Financial Services and is not the business of, or monitored by Sterling Mutuals Inc.

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How to Evaluate your team

How To Evaluate Your Team

Does your favorite sports team stink? You can tell when they’re awful. They lose more games than they win. Attendance drops. Ugly hashtags proliferate. And to top it off, their star player gets into a fight with a paper towel dispenser. It’s so bad that your fanatic friend is getting the tattoo removed of a game-winning play that he memorialized on his left buttock.

What about your own team at work? How is it doing? Do you measure your results? Are you on track or not?
Teams don’t always evaluate themselves. They should.
There’s no formal requirement to do so, and that’s too bad. What gets measured gets managed, as business guru Peter Drucker often said.

Here’s What Doesn’t Work

The closest that some teams get to an evaluation is the dreaded “reflection time” at the end of a meeting. It’s like a group hug gone wrong. The chair says, “OK, let’s go around and see how everyone felt about the meeting.” This is followed by utter banality with a small dollop of indifference sprinkled on top.
“I thought it was a good meeting.”
“Nothing to add.”
“Well, the donuts were fresh.”

This is not a team evaluation. This is avoidance. It’s not clear whether the overwhelming nonchalance reflects an inability to call out how bad the meeting was, or just a desire to get home to watch Real Housewives of Milwaukee reruns.

To get better, teams need to know how they have done. Ad hoc teams should evaluate their work at the end of a project. Permanent teams should evaluate themselves periodically, at least once per year.
The way to do this is to ask three fundamental questions:1) Did We Do What We Said We Would Do?

Your ad hoc team was given a major task; to launch a new product, install a new customer relationship system, or move the office to new premises. When the project starts, the team should establish milestones and objectives. Then, at the end, the team should ask these specific questions:
  • Did we complete our major project as planned?
  • How close were we to the timetable that we set?
  • Were we over or under budget?
  • Were other resources required?
  • What project details still need to be completed?

Using the project milestones that were established, it’s easy to measure your team at the end and say, “Yes, we got that done,” or “We were late on that.”
If there are shortfalls, ask why. Lack of resources? Too many projects on the go? Not enough commitment from management? Or did outside factors get in the way; for example, a legal case, a labor strike, or a big marketing initiative from a major competitor?

2) Did We Achieve The Results We Expected?

Whether you are on an ad hoc team, a board of directors, a sales team, or a small office staff, the measures of success that you pursue are similar.

  • Did we achieve the profitability that we aimed for?
  • Is our new program increasing market share?
  • How satisfied are customers with our products, services, or programs?
  • What kind of growth did we achieve?

You can’t simply say, “The team did a great job,” or “Time will tell….” You need to measure results in an objective way. If the results were not achieved, was it due to decisions that were made internally? Or was it due to external factors? In either case, the team needs to adapt its plans, aiming for improvement.

3) Did We Work Well Together?

This is the toughest question to answer. You’ll certainly know if your team is NOT working well together. There will be messy symptoms of what I call ‘team tension’. Someone quits the team. Angry emails go back and forth. And at meetings, you can cut the air with a knife because of all the bottled-up tension.

You can measure team cohesion by sending a short questionnaire to everyone on the team. Use an online survey so that results are anonymous. The questions don’t need to be profound. Rather, they simply need to gauge how people are feeling about team collaboration, what’s working well, and what could be improved.

  • What aspects of collaboration worked well for you?
  • What did not work well?
  • How could teamwork be improved?

Include questions about communication and trust – these are critical to team effectiveness. Use a 10-point scale to gauge levels of effectiveness on these two items. Be sure to give team members a chance to add their own comments and suggestions. They’ll respond with honesty. And they might bring up issues that surprise you.

You Can Take Responsibility

One final thought. You may be hungry for a team evaluation, but you’re not the team leader. Write a recommendation and make a case at one of your regular meetings. Prepare an evaluation plan, and make it easy for the group to agree. Others who are keen will appreciate your efforts.
Summing up, the three major questions will work well for any team that’s interested in improving for the next time. If you can answer yes to all of them, your team is doing well. Yet never take your success for granted, as the next challenge is just around the corner. Terrific teams are always improving.
Call me at 416 762-3453 or email me for training, team building, and facilitation. And we’re still conducting time studies – Mark
Creating Terrific Teams and
More Time For What Matters Most

August 14, 2016 |

Dr. Pete shared information on how to make informed decisions when buying herbs and supplements.

Can’t wait for my episode on Brad Poirier’s hot new TV show The Wellness of Being (, to be aired this fall.  I shared information on how to make informed decisions when buying herbs and supplements.  Do you know what to look for when you are in the health food store?  Call me today to figure out the best supplements for you:(705) 881-7615
Check out my Facebook page for more info:

August 14, 2016 |
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