3 Ways to Embrace Summers End! Even when you want to stay in your flip-flops.


I live in Canada.

Our summers are short and not always consistently hot and sunny.

Our winters can be long, dark and cold.

This summer in Ontario was one for the record books. Hot, Dry and did I mention, hot?

Yesterday, on September 1st I had to go digging around to find a sweater to go for a walk for the first time since I can’t remember…May?

Change is in the air. Fall is approaching with winter at its heels.

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather or are you sitting in a corner clutching your flip -flops?

The seasons are always a good opportunity for us to notice how we deal with change; do we fight it or embrace it?

The fear of change (of any kind, even when they know it is for the better) is one obstacle that I find keeps my clients stuck and unable to achieve the happiness and success that they crave in their lives.

What I have found works well with them is to go through some gratitude exercises, yes I said gratitude. How can that possibly be of help?

Here are three reasons that you need to consider while you sit there clutching the past like a winter-hating, flip flop clutching, summer addict.


Gratitude is a FEELING. Our emotions and feelings are stored in a deeper place in our psyche. Whenever we notice anything in our lives that is GOOD and we stop and feel grateful, we store that feeling and can access it later when we need it. (i.e. The feeling of sand between our toes on a minus 40C day, or thinking of that hug your son gave you before he left for college as you sit in his room weeping.)


Gratitude can help you let go and move forward with more grace from both good and negative experiences:

  • HAPPY MEMORIES can be left behind with a fondness that they happened instead of regret that they are over.
  • UNPLEASANT MEMORIES can be neatly stored away with a sprinkle of gratitude for the lessons we learned from them. This helps us move through and beyond the struggles in life with less resentment, regret, or blame.


Gratitude helps you embrace whatever change is coming. When we really understand that gratitude can be found in any area of our lives, we develop confidence to move forward into change knowing we will discover it there as well.

The more gratitude we plug into our lives, the more we will find to be grateful for.

I love to share the tools I have developed to help you embed positivity into your life, take some time to peruse my website and social media.


September 19, 2016 |

Walk the Path (A Solstice Experience)


This day marks the second of my spiritual awakening. Tapping into my own power, I have begun to understand what it means to awaken ones own light and to follow it as you walk the path. The 24 hours over the solstice and strawberry moon marked a period of spiritual healing and rebirth. A new chapter is beginning for me…

Today I asked my girlfriend Kelley to take me to a Labyrinth. I had heard about this place and I woke with the message to go (as if called there). June 21st also marks National Aboriginal day and on the way, she told me of the memorial for the missing Aboriginal women in the area. It was a rock memorial that stood strong in the middle of a circle of beautiful wooded area. As we approached this spot, I entered the circle and gave a moment of silence to these beautiful souls who are no longer with us; I pray for the “Sisters In Spirit”.

We both noticed the peaceful area by the Labyrinth and made our way towards it. I was grateful we were the only ones that afternoon so we weren’t harried. We set down our things and she asked if I wanted to go in first; I nodded in response and stepped forward onto my experience. I walked to the entrance, marked by a rustic wind chime dangling from a tree and I placed my right hand in appreciation for the upcoming experience. I noticed the sun shining through the clouds behind me so I looked up and realized it was lighting my path into the Labyrinth. I stepped in…

The path was formed by rock formations and I focused on the crunching of pinecones beneath my feet. I realized how my path is mine to face alone; it marks the incredible experience where we are all walking our own path, making our own discoveries and encountering life’s gifts on the time the universe has given us. It laid before me as I walked slowly taking in this message and embracing it entirely. Kelley entered a few minutes later, respecting my time and space, as she walked her own lighted path. Even though physically we were experiencing the same path, spiritually we were different. At one point I glimpsed her and from my perspective it seemed she was leading us. As we continued the perception changed and I was in the lead. We then came to face one another, and lastly, there was a time where we were at opposite ends of the path. The message was right there for us to discover…..

We walk our own path and we allow the suns energy to help us illuminate what lies before us.

I had to shed some tears as I was letting some things go within myself. It’s exciting to know that a new journey is about to begin, however it’s hard for me to say goodbye to once brought so much joy in my life. My heart was breaking in doing so, in the moment I could even feel the pain across my chest; I acknowledged it and continued on. I appreciated the lesson learned, and put trust in the universe that everything happens for a reason: I’m to understand this experience on my own and realize that people come in and out of your lives (which maybe permanent or maybe they are at opposite ends of the Labyrinth for the time being).

As I approached the centre, I could feel the energy circling me like a whirlpool; I sat on a stump and stared. My physical and spiritual body were at the centre of my path, the centre of my being, as my life circled around me. I realized that at my core I stand strong like the trees around me.

I stood and stepped outward onto the path where I found 4 feathers and appreciated that the Angels and loved ones are always with you. I could feel myself moving a bit faster on my way out as it didn’t take me as long to find my way out as on my way in. At the entrance I stopped and gave a feather to the Labyrinth to express my deepest gratitude for this experience. As we walked outward toward the car, I stopped and paid my respects to the Aboriginal Women again and gifted them 2 feathers, placing them on the rock moment. I kept the smallest one for myself to celebrate this wonderful experience.

Walk the path! Let the sun give you the light to illuminate your path, and give you energy to walk along. Whether you feel alone, you have people around you who are along their path, and you have Angels who will walk with you along your path. Let the light guide you …

Much Love – Jen

If you would like to read more please check out :

or FB: Believe In Your Dream with Jen CB :

June 30, 2016 |

My Father, My Unlikely Hero | A Father’s Day Tribute


He married my Mother. In the 1940’s it was the right thing to do under certain circumstances. For that, he is my hero.

In the 50’s he gave up his career as a jazz musician for his family and tried to settle into suburban life. For that, he is my hero.

In 1961, just when they were settled into family life with their three teens, I came along. He never wavered, I was Daddy’s little girl, the apple of his eye. For that, he is my hero.

In 1966 my mother became gravely ill. He worked and did his best to care for his family. For that, he is my hero.

Without my mothers help in running the business, it failed. Along with that came massive medical bills and bankruptcy. He kept plugging along. For that, he is my hero.

In amongst the fragile foundation of their marriage crumbling around him, he committed to providing home dialysis care for my mother. For that, he is my hero.

Within the boiling pot of drama and dysfunction around his affair and their separation, he never once spoke badly of my mother to me. For that, he is my hero.

In order to accommodate his love for me and his love for his girlfriend, he went against my mothers strong (and utterly hurt based) rules that I was not to be anywhere near “her”. It was the only way he could see spending more time with me. For that, he is my hero.

He was there for his children when our mother died. For that he is my hero.

No matter how ill and fragile he became, he always had a fun little game or trick to play with my sons. They loved their grandfather. For that, he is my hero.

On his deathbed, his words “Honey, why are your working so hard?” changed my view of proving I could be a career woman and sent me on a path of self-discovery. For that, he is my hero.

Now ten years after his passing, I still feel his love. For that, he is my hero.

For most of my life, I looked back upon my childhood and only saw the dysfunction. It was a crazy ride that could prove to be a script for a soap opera. I had allowed the pain and heartbreak to define me for much of my adult life.

It wasn’t until I learned how to dig deep within gratitude that I was able to let go, forgive and look back at my childhood with a lens of love and empathy.

Had I written this list prior to doing the gratitude work it would have felt like an assault on my father instead of a tribute. Gratitude helped me open up to see that he never, ever intended to hurt anyone. That is the power of gratitude.

June 19, 2016 |



I read Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages” years ago. I have to say; this amazingly simple message has had a huge impact on all of my relationships, most importantly my marriage. It has also helped me coach my clients around their relationships.

Please take less than 15 minutes to go through this LOVE LANGUAGES TEST and also, encourage anyone close to you to take it as well.

This book and this test created a whole new level of self-awareness within me that has helped me understand what I need from my husband in order to feel loved.

It also wasn’t a surprise to me that we both have very different love languages!

So what do we do with this information? I suggest that you first articulate your love languages to your significant other. My hubby is an amazing man but I don’t expect him to read my mind, the poor guy, I’m hard enough to understand at times!

The second is to look at what their love languages are and make sure you make a conscious effort to show them love, their way.

A very wise former colleague of mine used to say we have it all wrong, it isn’t ‘ do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. ’ it is ‘ do unto others as they would have done unto themselves .’

After you take the test please leave me your comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts! 

May 4, 2016 |

Get out of your cocoon!


Back in 2006 my world changed dramatically in many ways. My beloved father passed away, both of my sons left for college the same week, we moved from our beautiful home in Barrie to a “make do” rental and began the ominous task of building our own home.

I became mildly depressed, hid myself from the world, quit something I loved which was skating, an adult synchronized skating team, stopped exercising and ate my way up to thirty pounds.

It truly felt like I had woven a cocoon around myself, limiting me from living my life fully.

We can blame the circumstances in our lives or the people who let us down or hurt us for our cocoon, or we can take responsibility for what we allowed to affect us. Until I took responsibility, looked in the mirror (with disgust) and decided that this wasn’t how it was going to be, only then could I begin to push my way out.

I joined Weight Watchers, lost the weight and became a leader. That job fed my soul and my need to help others and feel needed. I found Zumba and became an instructor where again, I fed my soul and body.

Now that path has led to my ultimate joy, coaching others to get out of their cocoon.

This is why you see BUTTERFLIES in my branding, they represent the beauty that life brings us when we let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Contact me to learn how to release yourself from the cocoon that life has woven so you can take flight towards your dreams, goals and desires.

April 29, 2016 |
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