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I gladly endorse Jim Lowe with Assisting You. Jim has been providing the social media for two local groups I am associated. His strategy and posts stand out and are very creative. I have also benefited first hand from his knowledge of various platforms and new innovative ideas.

If you are a business finding it hard to keep up with your social media presence or not sure if your content is targeting your ideal buyer, leave it to the professionals. With Jim’s help, you will have more time to concentrate on what you do best. Contact Jim at Assisting You.

The Creative Bean is a unique experience. If you like to support local businesses, I will encourage you to pop in and see what Tracy has to offer at her location. Great coffee, baking, luncheon specials and so much more. The vibe is all about community. Her business is a beautiful spacious environment where you can network and support many other local businesses through on-going events that happen at the Creative Bean.
Did I mention her creative side? Tracy is an experienced graphic designer and has just finished a brochure for our business. She clearly understands how to create a marketing message with her designs effectively. It was a pleasure working with her, and yes, of course, I always look forward to stopping in for a nice cup of coffee.

I would highly recommend Tracy’s graphic design and Cafe. – Karen Zinn
Multi Tech Audio Visual Inc.

Thank you, Mr. Bob, for the invitation and opportunity to take part in “the hot seat” during one of Marketing Masterminds April meetings. Both Vanz and I were extremely impressed with the valuable feedback and insight we received from each one of the attendees and the core group. As business owners, once and a while, we may steer in the wrong direction or lose focus. It is refreshing to receive constructive criticism that can, in fact, save you money in the long-run. We left the meeting very active and inspired. Our heads were so filled with new ideas. The group works collaboratively as well as independently offering advice and suggestions for the challenges or questions you present before the meeting. A brilliant energy starts to happen as ideas begin to surface. Thank you again. – Karen & Vanz Zinn

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