Do I have to attend every meeting?

There is no attendance policy. You attend when you see the need to challenge your marketing. Each meeting is completely different and brings ideas and members with unique talents

Who are the other members?

The current membership of 50+ is listed on www.marketingmasterminds.ca and are listed in the directory and on membership tab.

What are the meetings like?

Go to www.marketingmasterminds.ca and click on the agenda for details. The general tone is fast passed, energetic and interactive.

Testimonials – What results can I expect?

“We are all about getting the best results for our members. Members bring their marketing experiences to each meeting and contribute what has worked for them. Members get to build relationships with members in the brainstorming. Each gets to see what others have found successful.”

“This format is a collective of businesses owners with experience. Most owners have one maybe two resources. The mastermind has 50+ members that collectively have answers and actual marketing experience. All for $147 annual membership.”

Questions? Call Mr. Bob 705-721-0727 to learn more.
Or e-mail: marketinginbarrie@gmail.com

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