Marketing Masterminds

brainstormAre you looking to take your business to the next level? Be a Master!

Mr. Bob’s Is a group of local businesses sharing and collaborating strategies, ideas…like your very own think tank.

Who should be a part of Marketing Masterminds?

Have you ever had an idea or a dream but never seemed to get it to happen?
Execution is everything and it is proven success never happens alone.

As a member of Marketing Masterminds, you gain access to a group of local business professionals that you can share new product offerings or a new service

Get honest feedback and ideas…

As Members you will get…

  • Direction – clarity on your idea or dream
  • Access to Business owners and their experience
  • Feedback from business professionals
  • Attitude: encouragement and suggestions
  • Inspiration, ideas and tools from the group
  • Techniques on how to differentiate your business
  • Proven techniques to get more business
  • Promoted on the weekly newsletter
  • Events – Collaborative promotions promote each other
  • Qualify for Mr. Bob’s ‘Best of the Best’ Master designation

Next Step…

Are you ready to get started? We ask for 3 things.

  1. An annual membership fee of $97.00 (plus HST)
  2. Commitment to participate in our meetings and joint promotions
  3. Subscribe to Mr. Bob’s ‘Best of the Best’ newsletter

Register today for FREE!  Once registered add your business listing.

Quesitons, Contact Mr. Bob 705-721-0727 or email 

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