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Press Release fro Jeff Mitchell re: Miss Canada Zoom Boat see attached

Check out this great release from Jeff Mitchell on Miss Canada V craft. Spread the word.

Looks like we are even picking up some press on the west coast.

Thought you might be interested to see the article that was just released by
Post Media in their top rated auto site; as well in the Vancouver Sun (see
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it was an honour and a privilege to show our boat at this year’s Cobble
Beach Concours D ’Elegance. http://www.cobblebeachconcours.com/  I have
attended all four Cobble Beach events.
We actually almost didn’t make it to the show. We had numerous trailer
issues, to the point where, I had actually called and advised the ACBS crew
that Miss Canada V would not be able to attend. But in the end we
persevered, we eventually pulled the rudder off the boat, and arrived at
Cobble Beach at 6 PM on Saturday.
They say “ there is no one with endurance than the one that sells insurance”

It was actually Alan McEwan, a long standing judge at Pebble Beach Concours
d’Elegance that introduced the concept of “Keels and Wheels” to me at the
North American ACBS show in Gravenhurst in 2009. And how at the Kirkland
Concours, they had included vintage boats in their program, very
successfully. So it was wonderful when Rob McLesse extended the opportunity
last year with Clancy Goodfellow and John Kutcy of the Antique and Classic
Boat Society to introduce vintage boats to Cobble Beach. And It turns out
that Rob McLesse of Cobble Beach, was across the hall from myself at Western
in the early seventies

There was gentleman there, by the name of Steve Plunkett, who has been a
significant part of all four Cobble Beach Concours D’ Elegance. A great guy
and very humble. Steve was the person that approached me eight years ago
about the possibility of bringing Miss Canada IV to his Fleetwood Country
Cruise–In in London. It was that phone call that put the wheels of motion
into play; and which ultimately lead to the making of the “Harold and Lorna
World Water Speed Champions” movie; and the involvement of Bobby Genovese in
the restoration of MCIV.

Always a small world !! And now I have been approached by Alyn Edwards, of
Peak Communicators Ltd., Vancouver to do an additional feature on the whole
Miss Canada story.
Here is the link to his article which was just released.

–       Miss Canada V with sedan top – that is myself at the stern of the
boat in the mid-fifties – notice any adults in the photo or even a life
jacket?   Clearly a different era !
–       Miss Canada V at Cobble – including Alyn Edwards and myself us in
–       Sign board on some of Miss Canada’s past

It was Jim Kenzie, that told me in 2013, that Cobble Beach Concours
D’Elegance was going to be a world class event. And boy was he right !!
Jim always told me he was an auto journalist; but he convinced himself that
he could do a boat story because it had a steering wheel and a motor !!



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