Introducing…Mr. Bob and the Marketing Masterminds!


Welcome to my very first Marketing Masterminds blog post!  Check back here weekly, as I’ll be writing about my incredible Marketing Masterminds program, profiling local entrepreneurs whom I’ve identified as “The Best of the Best”, and sharing marketing advice that will power your business to new levels of success.

I had many topics to choose from for my Blogging Debut but, since today marks the launch of our newly redesigned Marketing Masterminds website (Thanks, Shane!), I figured it was a perfect time to tell you a little more about myself and our amazing Marketing Masterminds program.

Who is Mr. Bob?

My driver’s licence might read “Robert Cassels”, but business owners and entrepreneurs across the country know me simply as “Mr. Bob”!

As one of Canada’s top Networking & Marketing experts, I’m driven by the belief that “Who you are speaks loudly”.

So who am I? I am a serial networker who has rejuvenated businesses, revitalized Chambers of Commerce, and reinvigorated non-profits.  Before starting Marketing Masterminds, I spent 15 successful years as Assistant Director for Business Networking International, opening an incredible 15 new BNI Chapters during that time.  I’m a distinguished member of Toastmasters DTM and a M.C.Inst.M Accredited past Member of Canadian Institute Of Marketing.

I’m the founder The Cassels Corporation and creator of such successful programs as “Buy Bob Lunch Program”, “Word of Mouth Marketing Your Business on a Shoe String”, the “No-Cold-Calls Sales System”, the “Customer Relationship Marketing System”, and the “Cassels Corporation Interactive Customized Brochure.”

I live and breath marketing by connecting and promoting entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners. I have successfully developed a broad range of programs that get Results and Referrals.  I am also the leader of the Marketing Masterminds!

Who are the Marketing Masterminds?

Marketing Masterminds is a local think tank made up of business owners sharing their experiences, collaborating strategies, exploring ideas and brainstorming together.  We work together online, in one-on-one meetings, and in weekly group strategy sessions.  Our members come from all business sectors including retail, business-to-business, professionals, hospitality, manufacturing and the trades.  Collectively, we represent the best that local business has to offer.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll share some exclusive Marketing Masterminds strategy for business success along with profiles of members who I’ve personally identified as “The Best of the Best”.

That’s all for this week’s blog.  If you’re interested in learning more about Marketing Masterminds, give me a call at 705-721-0727 or e-mail

Robert “Mr. Bob” Cassels is the founder of Marketing Masterminds provides online and in-person resources for entrepreneurs looking to launch, grow, or promote their businesses.

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  1. Jim Lowe says:

    Welcome to blogging, Mr. Bob!

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