Pop Quiz “I bought the diet book, but ate the usual foods.”


Pop Quiz

When’s the last time you did any of the following
“I bought the diet book, but ate the usual foods.”

“Planned to get up early but hit the snooze.”
“Took the course… but I didn’t do the exercises in writing.”

True confession. I struggle with as many of these things as the next person. Learning about something almost never causes change. True transformation comes from action, not thought. Change comes from new habits, from acting before you learn, acting in order to learn, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of being willing to fail.

Today’s exercise – pick one new habit you are committed to creating and act on it now. Not in 5 minutes. Now.
To your success,

Teresa de Grosbois
Wildfire Workshops Inc
(403) 217-1782

August 25, 2016 |

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